Anganile with My Diary girls

Anganile with My Diary girls
the first day of My diary 2nd season shoot


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Baada ya mjadala mkubwa kuhusu kipindi cha My diary Mjengoni, nimeona ni bora kupost Proposal/muongozo wa kipindi baada ya muda nitaweka vipindi vilivyoenda hewani hili, uweze kuangalia na wewe kuamua kama kipindi hichi kinaifaa jamii au la, peace

                                           MY DIARY TV SHOW
                            PROGRAM PROPOSAL      

 7TH February 2011
TX TIME: Saturday 10:30- 11:00.
TX DURATION: 30 minutes.
DESCRIPTIVE TITLE: Love and heartbreak in relationships.

My diary is a television program that is based on ladies in relationships that have led to heart breaks, they get to share their story on screen then a panel of three girls dubbed diary girls will watch the story on a big screen then later invite the broken hearted girl and discuss the relationship in “a round table” from the first time she met the guy to the heart break and how she emerged a better person. she will let out all the secrets in her relationship in order for the girls watching to learn from her experience, the other girls participating will have an intense discussion about her love story and viewers will be invited to discuss about the show through social networks and phone texting as a form of interaction, at the end of the story a love movie will be previewed in 2 minutes and an entertainer will perform a love song or a poem and the show will come to an end.
We understand that men needs women and women likewise, and as the pace of life speed up, people grow more selfish and more self centered, which leads more into irresponsibility and unaccountability, more or less some people avoiding getting into commitments, one being marital commitments which has produced many heart breaks and women have been more victims. My Diary is designed to sort this out by educating young girls who thinks they are ready for sexual relationships to grown-up ladies who have been into all.
Specific Audience.
A lady in a higher learning institution and has recently been exposed to the world of love and relationship. She is living in urban area with a family that is capable of affording a television set and has enough time in the evening to watch television.
General Audience
Young people between the age of 18-34, in a relationship or have been dating for a while and they have had several love relationships an experience in love either positive or negative.
Time justification
The program starts is packed with gripping stories and intense discussion that in total comes to a 30 minutes program including the sponsor slot. This will guarantee enough infotainment with out depriving her any juice at the same time not too long to get her bored.
Medium justification
Television as a medium of disseminating the massage is the most efficient and effective and most popular with our target audience, it being audio-visual.
General objective
The main objective of this program is to smarten the young girls who are naïve when it comes to love and relationships as well as open up their eyes to take that next step carefully
Specific objective
-Create a girls show that will be the comforting pillow to a girl or a boy that have gone through heart breaks
-Build confidence among young people in Tanzania and Africa eventually by having a show that they can relate to and watch others brave enough to come out and share their story.
-Build an online group that will be sharing stories and comforting each other through hard times.

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